• Application Process

    While this page asks for information about your history with riding and specifics to sign up for a tour, its purpose is to begin our communication and does not create any obligations. If you would rather ask us a question, please proceed to our contact page.

    1. Submit your application below
    2. We will review your application
    3. We will contact you to complete your booking
  • Personal Details

  • * Riders bringing their own bikes can deduct $90/day from the F650 GS price. Availability of a specific bike cannot be guaranteed.

  • Driver's License Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Passenger/Second Driver

  • Additional Information

  • It is important to describe your riding experience, including bike types, years of experience, and miles or kilometres ridden in a typical year.
  • Please include information on any health conditions which might increase your risk of health and safety during the rides. Also, we would appreciate knowing of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

    Need To Know

    Before the tour begins, all participants will be required to sign two documents. The first is Terms and Conditions (which include agreement to a $500 booking deposit) and a Damage Deposit Commitment of $1,200 U.S. The second is a Release and Waiver of Liability. Both are available for download as PDF documents below.

    We are committed to the safety of our guests. Acceptance of booking will be determined by management after reviewing your riding experience and credentials.

    Important Documents

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