BMW Summerfest   August 19-21

Aug 27, 2011
Late each summer we look forward to one of the most enjoyable events of the year, BMW Motorrad´s Summerfest extravaganza held at Mosport Park, east of Toronto. This year was the most exciting yet, attracting thousands of people who love motorcycle riding and racing. Throw in an excellent outdoor rock concert, free demo rides on all of BMW´s latest equipment as well as two Superbike Races and you have a great event At the Riders of the Sierra Madre booth we showed our newest video on riding in Mexico and many knowledgeable touring riders came by to see us, swapping stories and gearing up for taking one of our tours this winter. During the weekend three of us were able to sneak away from the booth at different times to go for extended demo rides (we rode the S1000 RR, the F800 GS and the F650 GS). Hats off to BMW Canada for such a successful event and for having the courage to let guys like us test their GS bikes on some pretty challenging terrain. The young racing superstar, Brett McCormick, put the icing on the cake when he rode his BMW S1000 RR to victory in the Canadian Superbike race on Saturday afternoon to clinch the championship for 2011. There is no doubt that we will be returning next year.

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